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In June 2014, For Pets' Sake joined teams with
Pampered Paws Pet Care PA, LLC. 
For more information about PPPC, please visit their website:


Your pet is a highly valued member of your family and always deserves the BEST possible care and attention when you cannot be home.

                   At For Pets’ Sake, our experienced, professional, ADULT sitters
provide your pet(s) with love and attention in the familiar and safe environment of YOUR own home while you are at work, out of town, on vacation, or simply when you cannot be there.  By choosing our service, there is less stress for YOU and YOUR PET(s) because we come to YOU.  Our personalized loving care and attention helps
maintain the routine that your animals need. 

As caring and loving pet owners ourselves, we understand the concerns you may have regarding your pet(s) when planning a vacation, business trip, weekend away, or just an evening out.  They’re NOT just animals; they’re part of the family!  They’re friends and confidantes.  You love to spend time with them, but you have an active lifestyle.  You travel.  You work long hours.  You mean well, but your schedule doesn’t allow you to give your pet(s) all the love, affection, and exercise they fully deserve. 

Perhaps a mid-day potty break for your dog is warranted during the course of your work day.  Or maybe a morning or afternoon walk that will allow them to stretch their legs and burn off some of that excess energy they’ve been storing up.  We can visit once a day to fill in, or three or four times a day if you are away.

By choosing For Pets' Sake you are allowing your pet(s) to maintain their daily routine, in the familiar, safe, and secure environment of their home.  There’s no exposure to other animals.  You save time by avoiding trips back and forth to the kennel.  You’re not putting any strain on your neighbors, friends, or family by having to ask them to stop in and take care of your pets.  With For Pets’ Sake you can rest assured that your pet and your home are in good hands.  We pride ourselves on being responsible and conscientious.

Every animal has its own personality.  Each pet owner has different requirements.  At For Pets’ Sake, we do our very best to accommodate ALL special preferences – pets and people.  Each and every visit is tailored specifically to YOU and YOUR PET(s) needs.

We provide flexibility, dependability, reliability, and LOTS of TLC.  By following the normal daily routine to which your pet(s) are accustomed, we are able to keep your pets happy, healthy, content, well loved, and active in your absence.

During our FREE in-home consultation, we will come to you prior to initial service and meet with you and your pet(s). During this meet-and-greet, we will review your pet(s) needs, discuss the visitation schedule, take a detailed history of your animals (likes and dislikes, vet information, emergency contacts, special requests, etc.), fine tune how to keep your home secure, and answer any questions that you may have.  Additionally, For Pets’ Sake will provide you with a list of references and testimonial letters, as well as a copy of our Bond and Insurance Certificates.  We encourage our new clients to call as many references as they feel necessary to ensure peace of mind.

We will leave a Service Agreement and corresponding paperwork with you, the Client, to be filled out and submitted to For Pets' Sake before commencement of services.

Hiring a pet sitter is an important decision every pet owner needs to make at some point. Not only will your sitter be responsible for caring for a member of your family, but he or she may have access to your unattended home. You need to find a sitter that is reliable, knowledgeable, responsible, and trustworthy.

This is what we do PROFESSIONALLY.  The For Pets' Sake team is trustworthy, competent, and we can handle any and all situations that might arise.

We truly go above and beyond.

Caren Sipkin and Shelby
Owner, For Pets' Sake












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